Our Community

Our St James Schools form a closely-knit, inclusive and diverse community.

Our St James Schools form a closely-knit, inclusive and diverse community, fostering a spirit of unity and enriching the educational experience for pupils, staff, and parents alike.


Our House System

Upon entering the school, all pupils will join one of our four houses: Churchill, Wellington, Marlborough or Nelson. In the 6th form pupils will have the opportunity to utilise their leadership skills by applying to become one of our four House Captains. 

Every year, we run several house competitions in a variety of areas such as music, rugby, cricket, football and, at the end of the academic year, our highly-anticipated Sports Day. 

We host regular house dinners and quiz nights which enables pupils to get to know members of their house in different year groups. 

Collaboration with other St James Schools

Our pupils benefit from working with our sister school in Kensington, Olympia for activities such as lectures, debates, musical production and a variety of social events. 

Each year we also host a Harry Potter Day for the Year 4 pupils of our Prep School and an Activity Day for the Year 5 pupils.

Parental Involvement

Our parents play an integral part in our community, whether it be supporting our sports team at an away game or baking for a charity cake sale, our parents are invested in the success of the school and the students in it. This sense of community underpins our ethos, being kind to one other and the spirit of unity.

Friends’ of St James

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Community Action

St James plays an active part in the community from festive community choirs services to outreach programmes with the local primary schools.

Watch our recent community choir service 



St James Seventh Form is the name of our extensive alumni network, made up of past pupils, staff, parents or friends of the three St James Schools.

The Seventh Form is run by our Development Office, and is an active member of our school community, which organises social events such as Alumni Matches, Art Sales or networking evenings.

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