Students must have a minimum of six grade 5 at GCSE to enter the Sixth Form.

In the subjects the student wishes to study, they might need to have achieved a minimum of a 6 or even 7 at GCSE. The Head of Sixth Form will offer guidance.

Should a student wish to take a subject which has not been offered at GCSE, for example Psychology, they will be required to attain grades 6’s in related subjects.

Sixth Formers are required to attend all lessons related to their subjects.

The culture of learning in the Sixth Form is different to that lower down the School. Boys take control of their own studying and are expected to make good use of study periods, working for at least 6 hours per subject, per week, outside lessons. To this end they have been provided with a designated Study Room at School. It is intended that this room will have a climate of quiet and conscientious work.

Subjects available at A Level for the academic year 2024/25 are listed below.

Art & Design Diploma Biology Business Studies (BTec) Chemistry Classical Civilisation Computer Science
Design & Technology Drama (LAMDA) Economics English Literature French AS Level Geography
History MathematicsFurther Mathematics Media Studies PhysicsPhysical Education
Politics Psychology Spanish

Sixth Form A Level Brochure for 2024/25