National Apprenticeship Show
March 1, 2024

National Apprenticeship Show

On February 27th we visited the National Apprenticeship Show at Sandown Race Course. There were a wide range of companies displaying, from the military and police, to household names like Proctor and Gamble, Boeing, British Airways, Chubb and many more, all offering a variety of apprenticeships, from level 3 (A level grade) all the way to level 7 (Masters )

Hear our pupils thoughts on the experience:

“I found the University of Creative Arts to be the most useful pathway for me.”

“I learned that the Royal Air Force is not only about flying planes but also a really good alternate to going to college or university as in all of the apprenticeships you will get paid to learn and when you complete the course you have no debt for the years you have spent and you can start earning earlier and making good money.”

“I feel that the apprenticeships have given me a chance as I am not very academic and they have given me a wide range of ideas about what I want to go into.”

“Apprenticeships can offer a wonderful alternative route into careers, increasingly with fully funded degrees and salaries on offer while learning. The visit was very worthwhile as it also gave opportunities for students to enquire about work experience opportunities. “

“I was pleasantly surprised to see stands for some universities at an apprenticeship fair however it provided much education on the matters and has provided much insight on opportunities of many kind in the future.”

“There were numerous intellectual and stimulating activities to keep ourselves entertained. The stalls made a great addition to my knowledge, especially with the likes of work experience. The stalls consisted of global companies.

Mr Michalski – Head of Careers