Message from the Head
March 27, 2024

Message from the Head

“How do you build a good life? Relentlessly follow your intuition. Build with people who also love to grow. Take responsibility for your healing. Love yourself so deeply that you feel at home in your own body and mind. Teach yourself to forgive. Never stop being a kind person.” ~ Yung Pueblo


The Activity week trips are now complete – nothing captures the St James ethos better than these expeditions to Derbyshire (friendship, Brotherhood and Courage), Greece (Civilisation, Myth and Truth), The Camino St James Pilgrimage (Connection to Nature, Love and pushing beyond one’s Comfort Zone) and Florence (The Renaissance Spirit, Good Company and Legacy). Our pupils are so fortunate to have these blessed experiences.

These trips show all the pupils that we are all connected. We are made of each other. The whole of existence is made of the same seven elements: earth, air, fire, water, space, time and consciousness. There is a fundamental unity of life, which manifests in millions of forms. The Unity and diversity are in an eternal dance. 

Diversity does not mean division. Separation, fragmentation and dualism are mere perceptions fostered by external appearances. Dark appears to be opposite to light. Left appears to be opposite of right. Mind appears to be the opposite of matter. But from a holistic perspective all are essential parts of the greater whole, they create a moving picture of harmony. 

If we look at the world and see it as a whole we can heal all our political, religious, racial and environmental divisions with a single stroke. We can heal the division between science, spirituality, and art; the division between head, heart and hands.

Enjoy a lovely Easter break and enjoy being with your family and loved ones.

Mr Brazier