The Business of Football at Chelsea FC
April 26, 2024

The Business of Football at Chelsea FC

Last Friday Year 10 and 12 Business and PE students went on a tour of Chelsea FC Stadium. The tour focused on the business and operational aspects of the club with students learning about how much care and technology are put into keeping the pitch match perfect (£1 million), and how much they pay for security and to have the surrounding roads closed on match days (£250 000).

A couple of brave boys took some questions in the press room and all enjoyed the view of the pitch from the Manager’s seat. The tour guides discussed the various sources of income for the clubs with the majority share being raised through broadcasting. This led to some heated discussion in lessons about whether players’ pay should be based on the performance of the team. The highlight for me was our tour guide, Mario, who worked part time for Chelsea FC while completing a journalism course. His enthusiasm for football and knowledge about the game and the club certainly made the tour both interesting and fun.

A great day was had by all.

Ms Williams