Digital Transformation ‘The Journey Has Begun’
April 26, 2024

Digital Transformation ‘The Journey Has Begun’

Exciting times are ahead as we embark on our digital transformation journey here at St. James Senior Boys’. In a recent Inset day, our teaching staff took the pivotal first steps towards integrating Apple Classroom into teaching and learning. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing innovative and dynamic education for our pupils.

The training session focused on Apple Classroom in our teaching practices. It was an engaging and interactive experience for our staff, setting the stage for a new era of enhanced pedagogy.

Prior to the training session, a dedicated group of teachers formed our Digital Transformation Team. Their feedback and insights have been invaluable in shaping our approach to integrating this technology across our school, and their experiences have highlighted the tangible benefits of Apple Classroom in enhancing engagement, collaboration, and learning outcomes.

Parents will be able to learn more about the iPad devices and how they will be used in the classroom through a number of parent events in the Summer Term, where hands-on demonstrations will be available as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

As we embrace this transformative technology, we are not only equipping our pupils for the digital landscape of the future but also enriching their educational experience in the present.

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