Message from the Head
April 26, 2024

Message from the Head

For me personally, it was lovely to meet Mr Rick Clarke and his delightful family over the break. I gave them a full tour of the school and I am delighted with the Governors’ choice to succeed me. He is undoubtedly a person of great integrity and I feel totally confident in passing the school onto him. We are organising events so that Mr Clarke can meet staff and parents in the near future.

The summer term is always a joy as the pupils get to enjoy the outdoor space in its full glory. It is always my favourite time of year, not least because of the cricket season with the sound of leather on willow being as resonant as the first cuckoo. We have already played three and won three matches this very week, and one Year 7 batsman and one Year 8 have scored fifties – both not out! We also have caught our catches and as we know – catches win matches! A terrific start.

Years 13 and 11 are putting in that final push towards examinations and we wish them well. There are many exciting events that culminate in the next ten weeks with a Year 7 play, Senior Concert and finally Speech Day, where we have a great speaker lined up.

I intend to fully enjoy my final term for me personally at St James and the end of nineteen years in Headship and thirty-two years as a teacher and educator. As I always say to the boys here – follow your bliss and do something you love!

I greatly look forward to seeing you all a cricket match or an artistic event.