Hear from our Head Boy
September 15, 2023

Hear from our Head Boy

As Head Boy, I am excited for the new academic year and the opportunity to implement the Prefect team’s ideas. We are particularly passionate about supporting the transition of Year 7 pupils. We all remember our first year at the school and how intimidating it can be. We plan to hit the ground running this year and start straight away by adding our own ideas to the previously successful buddy system. I’m confident this will help make their transition into St James smoother.

Year 12 pupils are also experiencing a significant change as they begin Sixth form life. To assist this, some of our senior prefects will deliver assemblies to Year 12 where they can learn from our honest experiences of the last academic year.

This term will be an exciting start to the new academic year, busy with a hive of activity, from the Beginning of Year Service, being held at the Boys School, to the Joint Senior Lecture at the end of this half term, with quiz nights and house dinners in between.

I am thrilled to be leading such a talented Prefect team and look forward to a successful academic year ahead.

Bart. N – Head Boy

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