Bonjour la France
October 12, 2023

Bonjour la France

We are excited to share the highlights of our recent educational trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. The trip was a fantastic opportunity for our Year 8 students to immerse themselves in French culture and gain valuable insights into French daily life.

Nausicaā – A Fascinating Aquatic Adventure One of the trip’s highlights was our visit to Nausicaā, France’s National Sea Centre. Our students were captivated by the mesmerizing manta rays. Witnessing these majestic creatures perform their acrobatic figures left the students in awe. It was a truly unique experience that sparked curiosity about marine life and conservation.

The Art of French Baking at Fournil Bakery Our students had the chance to learn the art of traditional French baking at Fournil Bakery. They discovered how to make croissants and bread the old-fashioned way, as opposed to the industrial methods. The importance of bakeries in French daily life was a topic of discussion. This hands-on experience not only delighted their taste buds but also deepened their appreciation for French culinary traditions.

Longing for More One common sentiment among the students was their desire to stay longer in France. The experience left them enchanted, and they expressed a strong wish to delve further into French culture and cuisine. This trip undoubtedly ignited their enthusiasm for studying the French language.

Language Skills Shine Our dedicated accompanying teachers, Mr Rajgobal, Miss Williams and Miss Munro were genuinely stunned by the students’ ability to translate and communicate in French. The practical use of the language in everyday situations was a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students in their French language studies.

We want to extend our gratitude to the teachers and staff who made this trip possible, as well as to the students for their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the journey. These experiences not only enriched our students’ understanding of French culture but also served as a source of inspiration for their future studies.

Mme Choimet

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