New to St James: Media Studies
November 10, 2023

New to St James: Media Studies

Since September, eligible GCSE and A-Level students can opt to study Media Studies at St James. Media is an ever-evolving and fascinating course of study which allows students to immerse themselves in traditional media forms such as newspapers, television, film, advertising, music video and many more. Lessons can consist of breaking down media language in contemporary media products, or discussing how the media can represent (and often misrepresent) social groups and events. Students get to see the money and corruption that runs through the media industry and to engage with media audiences, exploring how audiences can shape the course of media production and consumption. At A-Level, we study numerous fascinating theories. Only this week, students delved into Jean Baudrillard’s postmodernist theory through the world of pumpkin spice, and we ended the lesson by summarising the theory in ‘pumpkin form’.  Media Studies also brings with it numerous extra-curricular opportunities.

The Quite Times

We are very pleased to introduce you to the first edition of St James’ Boys first student newspaper: The Quiet Times. Our student journalists have worked extremely hard to produce this newspaper for you which is full of school and world events, facts and opinions. In this month’s issue, you can read about the success of Open Day, the ISI inspection, and even hear our take on the ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon that swept the world. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and are already working away on next month’s issue. Happy reading!

Ms Khanna-Samirova

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