Welcome to Mangahigh
December 14, 2023

Welcome to Mangahigh

As a Maths department, we want to take the opportunity to introduce you to Mangahigh, an independent learning and homework platform for all of our pupils in Year 7-10. 

It is a fantastic resource. Teachers set homework or revision tasks, which students complete and are subsequently awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal depending on their level of competency in any given skill (merits are awarded to boys who achieve Gold in any category). The platform uses AI to then ‘Recommend’ tasks for individual pupils based on gaps in their understanding – these are completed on a voluntary basis by pupils who wish to work independently to further improve their mathematical skills. There are also plenty of games and further activities for boys to explore. 

Once per term, I plan to overview our students’ Mangahigh performance and reward and acknowledge pupils who are really excelling using this platform. 

Congratulations to the following boys for making the Top Ten in the Mangahigh league table this term. Particular commendation should go to Ashwin S. 7SM who has completed a whopping 48 tasks to a Gold Medal standard!. We hope to see a few new names on this list in the Spring Term! 

Position   Name   Medal Points   Bronze Medals   Silver Medals   Gold Medal  
1   Ashwin S.  183   26   5   48  
2   Aakash R.  63   7   1   18  
3   Agastya B.  32   1   2   9  
4   Arman M.   30   7   1   7  
5   Noah S.  26   2   3   6  
6   Dylan E.  24   3   0   7  
7   Mahaayana G.   24   6   0   6  
8   Jaiveer G.  24   9   0   5  
9   Rohit K.  23   0   1   7  
10   Olamide F.  23   5   3   4  

 Miss Mitchell 

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