Please find below important School Policies pertaining to your son’s education and safety.

Health and Safety Policies

St James Senior Boys – Safeguarding Policy – September 2018

Administration of Medicines and Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy March 2018 – Amended

Adverse Weather policy V5 Nov18

Risky Areas Policy V2

Senior Boys’ School Fire Evacuation Procedure – Sept 2018 – NEW

St James Schools – Fire Safety Policy – Sept 2018

First Aid Policy V10

Flu Pandemic Policy V6

Health & Safety Policy 2018-19

Ashford Security Policy – Sept 2018

Policies Relating to Students

Admissions Policy V9

Aims Ethos and SMSC Policy V6

Anti-Bullying Policy V8

Anti Cyber Bullying Policy V4

Assessment Policy V8 Sep 2018

Behaviour and Discipline Policy – Oct 2018…

Curriculum Policy V9

Disability Policy V6 with Accessibility Plan

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Policy V1 2018

EAL Policy V6

Educational Visits Policy V6

St James Schools – Expulsion and Removal Review Procedure – Oct 2018

Gifted and Talented Policy V4

Homework Policy V7 Sep 2018

ICT Acceptable Use Policy V1

Inclusion & SEND V9 Policy

Missing Pupil policy V2

Non Participation in P.E. Policy V4

Pastoral Care Policy V6

PSHE Policy V7

Physical Education Policy V5

Public Exam Policy V1 2018-19

Pupils’ Equal Opportunity Policy V1

Pupil Supervision and After School Care Policy V1

References for Pupils Policy V4

Sex Relationship Education Policy V4

Other Policies

Code of Conduct for Staff-September 2018

CPD policy V5

Dogs at School Policy V1 Nov 2017

Equal Opportunites Policy – September-2017

Fundraising and Development Privacy Notice

Induction Policy V7

Information and Records Retention Policy May 2018

Older Pupil Privacy Notice May 2018

Parent Privacy Notice May 2018

Site Policy V1

St James Senior Boys School Complaints Policy – March 2019

St James Recruitment, Selection and Disclosure Policy and Procedure V10 – 2018

Whistleblowing V6- Employment Manual – September 2018-2019