Middle School Book Club – Test Readers for Emerging Author
January 19, 2024

Middle School Book Club – Test Readers for Emerging Author

In November last year, the Middle School Book Club was offered an exciting opportunity to become test readers for a new Young Adult novel.

The author, Madeline Knowles, a social scientist by profession, was looking for some young readers to give feedback on her book, and our Year 9 and 10 pupils were keen to get involved. Madeline joined our book club on Monday to hear their thoughts and answer their questions about the book and her journey as a writer, which was a great example of resilience and flexibility. Their feedback was eloquent and insightful. These are some of their comments about the event:

‘It was great to meet the author in person and to discuss her book in detail. She shared lots of interesting facts on how she came up with the story and the different stages of writing her book. Her book was very fun to read.” – Jiachang, Year 9

‘This book was an enjoyable read as it was full of many interesting ideas! I loved the plot and I can’t wait to read the second volume when it comes out!! Madeline was so sweet and she made me wonder what would happen in the next book.’ – Imaan, Year 9