Our Scholarships

We offer a number of scholarships at 11+ to pupils who show outstanding potential.

Various scholarships are available for external and St James Preparatory School Year 7 applicants, and will be awarded to pupils who show outstanding potential in their given area.

All candidates must demonstrate a strong commitment to, and enthusiasm for their chosen subject.

Candidates may only apply for one scholarship. This does not preclude them being considered for an academic scholarship. Only one scholarship will be awarded to a candidate, to the value of up to 25% of fees.

For further details on requirements and how to apply, please read the below information.

The deadline for submission of 11+ Scholarship applications and Scholarship assessment days will soon be announced. 

Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate an outstanding performance in the entrance assessments and interview.

Selected candidates will be invited to an Academic Scholars assessment day.

Application details will be shared soon.


Art Scholarship

Art scholarships will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate exceptional creativity, technical skill and artistic enquiry.

Scholarship holders will be expected to participate actively in the life of the department, acting as artistic ambassadors at open events, clubs, exhibitions, intra- and inter-school competitions, at the annual Art Sale and as mentors to others. Art Scholars will be expected to pursue the subject at exam level and to demonstrate their passion for and dedication to the subject throughout their time at St James. The scholarship will require significant extra-curricular commitment.

On application, you will be asked to submit a digital portfolio of 10 images exhibiting strong drawing skills in a range of media, as well as other art forms such as painting, photography, digital media and sculpture.

Assessment Day

Shortlisted candidates will be given a timed drawing exercise, drawing from direct observation as well as a chance to make an artistic response to a given starting point before having a short interview with the Head of Art, during which they may go through their personal sketchbooks and artistic notes.

Artistic intention is held in high regard, rather than perfect/finished pieces. Inspiration may be found anywhere, whether from art, science, current events – we are keen to hear how your originality influences your creativity! We are looking for independent, adventurous creative spirits and are more interested in the development of ideas than the perfection of artist copies – having said this, successful candidates will demonstrate a keen contextual interest in the art world, such as evidence of visits to art galleries and museums. The work of an existing artist will be discussed at interview.

Application details will be shared soon.

Drama Scholarship

Drama scholars are talented performers who will play a leading role in all aspects of drama and Performing Arts at school and within the community.

Scholarships are awarded based on a candidate’s performance during an audition and interview with our Head of Drama. Drama scholars require focus, discipline, creativity and passion; not just talent. Therefore, we look at how candidates create, perform and respond in the audition, as well as their attitude and approach. Candidates do not need acting or musical theatre grades to be able to apply.

Assessment Day

The format of the audition will be designed to allow each pupil an equal opportunity regardless of experience. The auditions will be held in a small workshop group, offering each pupil the opportunity to perform individually and with others. The workshop will last approximately one hour.

Applicants will be also required to prepare a poem or monologue of no more than one minute in length for the audition.

Application details will be shared soon.

Music Scholarship

Music scholars will be expected to contribute actively to the life of the music department, participating in ensembles and performances throughout the academic year.

Applicants are normally required to be at Grade 4 level in their main instrument or voice, although scholarships can also be awarded based on a candidate’s potential.

Assessment Day

The audition process aims to discover the candidate’s musical potential and ambitions, as well as their current standard.

The audition will consist of two prepared pieces, sight-reading and aural tests with the Head of Music.

Application details will be shared soon.

Performing Arts Scholarship (also offers free classes in dance, drama & musical theatre at the St James Academy of Performing Arts)

These are all-round scholarships encompassing dance, drama and musical theatre singing.

Scholars should be at Grade 4 level or above in Classical Ballet and have achieved a similar standard in Modern, Tap or other forms of theatre dance. Previous experience in drama and musical theatre singing is an advantage.

Assessment Day

Dance: candidates will attend a short ballet class and will perform a prepared dance solo in a genre of their choice (maximum 2 minutes)

Drama: a prepared monologue from a musical (maximum 2 minutes).

Singing: a song from a musical (maximum 2 minutes).
NB backing tracks are allowed.

Application details will be shared soon.

Sports Scholarship

Candidates should be actively involved in competitive sports across a variety of disciplines, both at school and club level. They are expected to participate in and represent St James in matches throughout the academic year.

Assessment Day

All applicants will be assessed in the following:

  • a series of fitness tests, challenges and multi-sport games, focusing on pupils’ physical literacy, but also on personal, social and cognitive skills.
  • sport-specific assessment activities, focusing on technical proficiency and game play across our core Sports.

Application details will be shared soon.

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