A Typical School Day

A Typical School Day


Activity Start timeFinish time
Doors open for early lessons / clubs8.00
Registration for early morning lessons / clubs8.05
Arrival and preparation (other pupils)8.30
Quiet period for reflection and meditation8.50
Period 19.059.55
Period 210.0010.50
Period 311.1512.05
Period 412.101.00
Lunch / Activities / Quiet period for reflection and meditation / Assembly / Form Time1.002.20
Period 52.253.15
Period 63.204.10
Dismissal from lessons4.10
After-school Activities4.15

Pola’s day

“On Wednesdays, I start my day with choir, which I really enjoy. My first lesson is Drama and second lesson is Study, which is convenient as I have some free time to do work. We have a 25-minute break to gather books, play with friends and have a snack. For the next two periods, we have double sport. When we get back from the sports grounds, we are just in time for lunch. As it is House Lunch, we sit with other year groups in the same house as us. The lunches are delicious! My last two periods are Latin and music. After school, I have cooking club and it is extremely fun as we make things like sushi and cinnamon buns.”

–Pola, Year 8

Gina’s day

“On Monday, I have a full day of school, and in the afternoon, I help coach netball with Year 8 and 9 pupils!”

–Gina, Year 11

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