Throughout our teaching and during our school day, we encourage pupils to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our ultimate aim is to nurture a spark of sporting enthusiasm in each pupil, and for them to pursue and enjoy their chosen discipline at university and beyond.

Our Physical Education (PE) programme offers the opportunity for pupils to participate in a wide range of sports, from team games to individual activities. In addition to our main sports of lacrosse, netball, athletics and football, in which we often compete at national level, pupils can also take part in handball, gymnastics, rounders, cricket and volleyball. PE is a GCSE option.

Each week, pupils in Years 7 – 11 have three lessons of PE and choose from a range of extra-curricular sports options. From Year 10 onwards, pupils are offered kickboxing or the use of the off-site facilities at a local gym. Sixth Formers can enjoy these opportunities too, in addition to their two lessons of PE each week.

Pupils are encouraged to represent the school and they benefit enormously from the team skills they develop and the personal achievement of competing well – they also have a great deal of fun!


Our on-site facilities include a spacious playground and gymnasium, and there is an excellent selection of outdoor facilities within a 15-minute coach journey.

We also make use of London’s great sports facilities:

  • Will to Win in Chiswick for netball
  • King’s House Sports Ground for lacrosse
  • Linford Christie Stadium for athletics
  • King’s House Sports Ground for rounders

Regular Fixtures

Fixtures for lacrosse are generally scheduled for Saturday mornings with fixtures for other sports taking place during the week, pupils are expected to make themselves available for participation. We compete against a number of local, state and independent schools as well as in regional and national competitions.

We organise a number of inter-house competitions throughout the year in which all pupils participate, such as our house netball and house lacrosse competitions, as well as our annual Sports Day in the summer.

Elite Competitions

Pupils are put forward for County, Regional and National selection in netball and lacrosse as well as the London Mini Marathon trials and London Youth Games for football, netball and cross country. Pupils have been selected to play at National level in lacrosse, professional clubs for football and often qualify for National championships in netball, cross country, swimming and athletics.

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