Sixth Form is a most exciting time. You will thrive and take charge of your own development as you become an independent young adult. You will now have the opportunity to choose the subjects you love and develop yourself personally by leading the school community through service.

Along with greater choice and privilege comes greater challenge and responsibility. A Level study requires intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and commitment. Equally, embracing new leadership roles requires ingenuity, teamwork and adaptability.

Our Sixth Form is all about supporting you as you discover what you love. As a Sixth Form student, you will have to step outside your comfort zone and take risks; you will face personal challenges and will learn to encompass the needs of others.

In order to take charge of your own development, you will need to make informed choices. Whether you choose to study at university in the UK or abroad, take a gap year or move straight into employment, you will receive information, advice and guidance to take the next steps wisely. You will be given the tools to develop the transferable skills coveted by university admissions tutors and employers alike and, above all, you will have a strong sense of your own values. You will be able to embrace the world with confidence and make a real difference.

Our aim is to inspire you to be a life-long learner, to help you grow in the confidence of your own strengths and gain personal fulfilment in using them for the benefit of all. In a word, the St James leaver will be truly ‘magnanimous’: a young woman with an open mind, a big heart and a great spirit.

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Yolanda Saunders BA PGCE

Head of Sixth Form