Pastoral Care

At St James, we don’t just see pupils who are here to learn, we see people who are here to thrive.

Caring for the emotional health of our pupils at an individual level is a fundamental part of our ethos, and personal development is embedded within our educational approach.

Teachers work collaboratively to support and guide all pupils, helping them discover and develop their particular interests, strengths and qualities. This provides them with the necessary tools to develop their own identity and build self-confidence as they progress through school. 

Our pastoral care is structured to equip pupils with strategies to support positive mental health and nurture emotional resilience.

Character Education Programme

We provide pupils with classroom-based learning on spiritual, moral, social and health education topics through our Character Education programme. In addition to lessons led by an experienced team, workshops led by visiting speakers are interwoven into the curriculum, focused on subjects ranging from healthy living and nutrition to revision skills and relationships.

Beyond this, we understand the importance of taking a unified approach to emotional wellbeing that connects school and home life.

To achieve this, we provide online tools, hold regular meetings and seminars to help families navigate the world their daughters experience. We value the close communication we have with parents and carers on an ongoing basis.

Our pupils are encouraged to develop as well-rounded individuals with real depth of character, sound judgement and guided by a strong moral compass. We challenge them to be creative, courageous and considered; to be focused and yet flexible in their thinking, to listen generously to the views of others. We are proud of our alumnae who are confident in themselves but understand the value in working with, or on behalf of, others.

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