Academic Enrichment

Our school motto encourages all to ‘Aim for the Best’ and enrichment opportunities are offered to all pupils, encouraged by form tutors and class teachers.

Scholars, and those who demonstrate exceptional interest and ability in academic work, art, dance, drama or notable sporting prowess are given further opportunities to maximise their potential in each year group. Pupils are encouraged to enhance their studies in a range of ways, including the study of additional mathematics, attendance at our Minerva lectures or by taking part in the Horizons Research Project.

Each year, pupils enter school and national competitions such as the UK Maths Trust Challenge, Science Olympiads and National Linguascope French competition, challenging themselves and achieving excellent outcomes. School notice boards and assemblies celebrate pupils’ achievements, and the displays encourage pupils to ask questions and investigate further for themselves, often through quizzes. There is also a range of after-school activities available to extend interest in subject areas beyond the classroom.

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