Extended Project Qualifications Presentations
February 14, 2024

Extended Project Qualifications Presentations

Our Sixth Formers’ EPQ presentations took place over two evening events this year due to the growing numbers of students taking on this amazing qualification!

Unlike taught A-Levels students get to research a topic about which they are curious and develop a variety of independent learning skills.

The sheer variety of their topics is impressive and demonstrates the incredible diversity of our Sixth Form.

This year, Anika worked on “Can simulation technology trick our brains?”, Stephanie on “Is the music industry corrupt?”, Nianxi on “Do parallel worlds really exist?”, Evie on “Does Tracy Emin’s work reflect the female experience in 20/21st century Britain?”, Isabelle on “Can money guarantee success in football?”, Anna on “Has censorship gone too far in social media?”, Anoushka on “Sustainable architecture: is it feasible and impactful?” and Hazel on “Who is responsible for the gun violence in America?”.

Well done to all! Special thank to supervisors Mr Treloar, Mr Young, Mrs Childs, Mrs Bath, Mr Bradley, Ms Howard, Dr Craven, Mrs McDonagh for their time and effort in supporting the EPQ students.