Joint Senior Schools’ Lecture with Ms Sonia Sodha
February 23, 2024

Joint Senior Schools’ Lecture with Ms Sonia Sodha

The eagerly awaited second edition of the joint Senior Schools’ Lecture between St James Senior Boys’ School and St James Senior Girls’ School unfolded as an intellectually enriching and collaborative day of lively discussions!

Commencing with a delightful buffet lunch, students from both schools had the opportunity to connect, fostering a sense of camaraderie that set the tone for the day’s activities.

In breakout rooms, spirited debates echoed through the school as students delved into the complex question: “Will the development of AI be harmful or beneficial to humans?” The discussions, marked by diverse perspectives and thoughtful analysis, prepared students for the main event: Ms Sonia Sodha’s lecture.

Sonia Sodha, Chief Leader, Writer, and Columnist at the Observer, and Deputy Opinion Editor at The Guardian demonstrated her expertise in politics by illuminating the intricacies of AI, the environmental crisis, housing crisis, and gender pay gap in the United Kingdom. Her views spurred contemplation and left a lasting impact on students and staff attending (especially the £50 roast chicken anectode!)

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, allowing students to interact with Ms Sodha, and receive insightful responses. Overall, the collaborative spirit, intellectual discussions, and Sonia Sodha’s observations created a memorable event that enhanced classroom learning.

Thank you to Ms Sodha for sharing time with our students, and to staff and pupils involved in the event.


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