Netball and Lacrosse Matches Reports
March 1, 2024

Netball and Lacrosse Matches Reports

Congratulations to our two Year 7 and 8 teams on their win against Queen’s Gate!

Year 7 won 11-7, with Charlotte and Connie as players of the match.

Year 8 won 29-10, with Poppy and India as players of the match.

On Saturday 3 February, our U12 (Year 7) and U13 (Year 8) teams played a lacrosse match against Haileybury.

The U13 team were determined to keep up their winning streak!

During the first half of the game, St James had the upper hand, with the score 4-3.

In the second half, everyone continued to fight hard, by not letting their players out of their sight, taking chances to score and communicating to one another. However, Haileybury were fighting back too. 19 minutes had passed, and the umpire revealed the score, with St James leading 7-6. With one minute left on the clock both teams became tense and agitated.

St James now had to maintain this score to enable victory; everyone was becoming more and more tired with every pass and run. At that very moment, Haileybury managed to power through our defence, closing at the last 30 seconds and scoring the equalizer for a final score of 7-7!

Great work to everyone who played that day – the MVP was Lilly.

Congratulations also go to our newly elected lacrosse captains: Matilda and Esther, and Maggie and Lilly as co-captains.

Report written by Lilly, Year 8

The U12 (Year 7) game was a tough game from the start, with Haileybury showing their dominance against our defence.

As the game progressed, St James defence grew stronger, learning how to hold their attack off allowing less goals in, the second half. Despite growing more tired, St James pushed on and scored their first goal of the game, put in the net by Charlotte. Unfortunatley, this was not enough to secure a win but each player had their own wins within the game. Sienna & Charlotte won 90% of the draws they took. Flora, Sophia, Pelin, Noura and Eliska formed an incredible defnece causing numerous turn overs. Gracie, Maab and Nicole did fantastic running in the midfield to attack, showing determination to create opportunitues to score.

Most Valued Player (MVP) was awarded to Charlotte.

Well done to everyone who played!