Age 11-14

Art is taught to all girls from Years 7 -8, at which stage they are given the option of continuing the subject for Y9 and to GCSE and then A Level. There are two members of staff who specialise in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.  

The basic elements of art are thoroughly covered over the first four years, allowing girls to develop and widen their level of skill and creativity. This is supported by a broad study of the social context related to each topic. We encompass examples of art from pre-historic through to the 21st Century: this gives girls an overview of the particular culture and is a good foundation for their GCSE studies. Lessons are based on a variety of topics related to the chronological development of art. We work on cross-curricular projects including school productions which provide an excellent opportunity for pupils to design and build sets, props and posters.

As a department, we aim to work to girls’ strengths and encourage their particular interests in the subject. This allows them to make more specific choices at GCSE and A Level in line with their coursework.