Entry Requirements

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11+ examination: St James is a member of the London 11+ Consortium. Please click on the following link for further information on the London 11+ Consortium and read the London 11+ Consortium Code of Practice. Please also see information on the London 11+ Consortium Privacy Policy.

Around half our Year 7 pupils comprise girls who have transferred directly to us from our onsite Preparatory School. The option of taking up a place at the Senior Girls’ School is discussed with parents of St James Prep girls in Year 4 and above. Many of these parents have told us that this has given them peace of mind. To find out more about joining the Prep please contact admissions@stjamesprep.org.uk.

Applicants for other year groups will be required to sit our own English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning tests.

Entry at 16 for Sixth Form: 5 good GCSE passes are the minimum requirement. It is necessary to have attained an A/B grade at GCSE (or equivalent) in those subjects which a pupil wishes to study at A Level. The attainment requirements for each subject are detailed in the Sixth Form Prospectus. Applicants are required to submit GCSE predicted grades  and state which subjects they would like to study at A Level. They are asked to sit our Verbal Reasoning examination and any other examination considered to be necessary. Applicants also need to submit a personal statement with their registration documentation.

St James is committed to the policy of admitting any pupil who is willing and able to make good use of the education we can offer, subject to attaining the required standards in tests, interview and reports. We do not select candidates solely for the academic results they can achieve. This policy is subject to the physical and emotional needs of the pupil being within the present scope of the school. Equally, a pupil would not be admitted to the school if her presence were likely to impair the education of other pupils.

The school must feel reasonably sure that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective pupil to the best of her potential and in line with the general standards achieved by the pupil’s peers. This is to ensure that the pupil has every chance to have a complete, happy and successful school career and emerge a confident, well-educated and well-rounded adult with a good prospect of a satisfying life. These criteria must continue to be met throughout the pupil’s time at school.

Our policy is to apply these criteria to all pupils and potential pupils regardless of any known disability. The school will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that any disabled pupil is not put at a substantial disadvantage compared to any able-bodied pupil. It should be noted that if additional services need to be provided, such as tuition, the cost of these may be passed on to the parents.

Prospective parents should provide details of any special educational or medical needs at the time of application. In assessing any pupil or prospective pupil the school may take such advice and require such assessments as it regards appropriate. Subject to this, the school will be sensitive to any requests for confidentiality.