Fees & Bursaries

School Fees for the Academic Year 2021/22 for Years 7 – 13:

£7,160 per term (including lunch)


Annual Trip Charge for UK based day trips:

Year 7 £107

Year 8 £94

Year 9 £97

Year 10 £34

FEE PAYMENTS: Fees are payable by direct debit no later than the first day of term (the collection dates for the year are on the last page of your invoice). Please be advised that late payment will incur interest charges at 8% above the base rate of the Bank of England accruing on a daily basis. School fees, public exam costs and school transport are charged to the invoice.

For monthly payment, the school has an arrangement with School Fees Plan. More information is available here.

REGISTRATION: A fee of £125 is payable, which is non-returnable, when a child is registered.

ACCEPTANCE DEPOSIT: Half a term’s fee is payable on acceptance of a place, to be repaid after your daughter’s final term at St James. A full term’s fee is payable on acceptance of a place for International Students. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for full details.

LUNCHES: Lunches are provided free within the basic fee.

EXAMINATION FEES: All external costs related to GCSE and A Level examinations and any other examinations are passed on to parents.

MATERIALS: Most text books, exercise books and other equipment needed for lessons are issued to pupils in Years 7-11 free of charge but remain the property of the school. Charges may be made for any books which are lost or damaged. Sixth Form pupils buy their own text books, stationery and art materials which remain their property.

CLASS OUTINGS / HOLIDAYS: Class outings and holidays when arranged by the staff will be advised to you with the cost involved and are payable in advance.

INSURANCE: The school provides personal accident insurance for all pupils at no additional cost. Details are available from the Bursary.

NOTICE: A term’s notice is required, in writing to the Headmistress, for the withdrawal of a child or a term’s fee will be charged in lieu of notice



Bursaries may be awarded to children whose parents have limited means. They are usually granted annually and reviewed every Spring Term for the following school year. For further information, please read our Bursary Application Process Document. Applications are only accepted from current parents or those registered for admission. All applicants should email bursary-applications@stjamesschools.co.uk

All applicants are required to provide detailed personal financial information for assessment and will receive a home visit.