St James Vs Walthamstow Hall – Saturday 11th November

Seniors: 16-0 MVP – Amirah
In a challenging match, the senior team valiantly battled on without any substitutes, showcasing their resilience and endurance throughout the game. Half the team comprised the U15 squads who displayed remarkable determination by playing two consecutive games, revealing their unwavering commitment to the sport. The game witnessed a commendable display of unified defense, with the team working cohesively to protect their side of the field. The midfielders, tactically employing passes, played a pivotal role in preserving their energy. Ava‘s exceptional performance in the goal was particularly notable, as she made numerous critical saves, contributing significantly to the team’s defensive effort. Unfortunately, the game was not ours for the taking. Overall, the spirit of teamwork, individual excellence, and dedication marked the essence of our lacrosse programme.

U15: 15-3 MVP Holly, Elisabeth & Maggie
During the lacrosse game, our team exhibited a remarkable rise in performance, showing continuous improvement as the game unfolded. Solid teamwork and robust communication in defense were pivotal throughout the match. Notably, four Year 8 students made a significant contribution, stepping up to support the U15 squad. Among the standout moments, Maggie showcased her prowess, netting two impressive goals, adding to our team’s spirited effort on the field.

U14: 12-1 MVP – Olly & Flo
Goals – Ester assist from Olly

In a commendable display of determination, teamwork, and communication, the lacrosse team showcased significant progress since last season. Esther‘s fantastic goal, assisted by Olivia, highlighted their offensive prowess. Despite falling short of the desired score, the match provided valuable learning experiences to carry into the upcoming season. Olivia and Flo earned Most Valued Player recognition, underscoring their impactful contributions.

U13: 9-7 (win) MVP – Lilly
Goals- Ada, Pola, Maggie Esther

The team exhibited exceptional cohesion, showcasing effective communication, drive, and a palpable hunger for victory. Despite trailing by one at halftime, their tenacity shone in the second half, securing a 9-7 triumph. Ada emerged as a formidable force, contributing six of the team’s nine goals. Kudos to PolaMaggie, and Esther for their noteworthy goals. Lilly earned the Most Valued Player title for her outstanding performance. Congratulations to all the players on a well-fought match!

Senior indoor 5 A-side tournament at St Paul’s

MVP – Evie

The senior lacrosse team made their debut at the St Paul’s indoor 5-a-side tournament, displaying remarkable determination and enthusiasm throughout. Despite losses to St Paul’s and Wally Hall, they managed a draw against Kings School Canterbury. Special congratulations to all players, with Evie earning the title of Most Valuable Player.