As we continue to refine and develop our Careers and Futures offer, we have been delighted to launch our first round of Explore Your Future.

Professionals from our ever-growing alumni network kindly volunteered their time to come in and speak to some of our Year 11 students who had previously expressed their interest in potentially working in a particular field in the future. Mentors in Medicine, the Creative and Humanities industries came into school whilst there are sessions for both STEM and Business planned for early 2024.

The purpose is to help give students a flavour of the world of work by providing a mentor who can work initially in small groups before providing more bespoke small mentorship experiences.

At the initial meeting, pupils were a credit to the school showing passion and enthusiasm for their chosen fields of interest. Mentors commented on the pupils’ drive and determination when discussing potential future pathways, they may wish to embark upon.

Charlotte who has desires on a future in Medicine said, “as someone who is interested in the medical field, I found it insightful to see how diverse the field of medicine is and how a future career could take many different paths.”

Maya said, “the first mentorship session was really interesting, we got to hear about careers in the creative industry which is the field I want to work in.”

Malaika, a budding humanities enthusiast said, “the mentoring workshop was not only an immensely useful opportunity to form life-long connections with those in a range of professional fields, but was also reassuring and encouraging, informing us of all the different career options available to us and how no doors are ever really closed, as long as we don’t want them to be.”

The Careers and Futures team will endeavour to keep everyone updated as the future sessions unfold and look forward to making the sessions an integral part to a pupil’s journey here at St James Senior Girls’ School.