A Level

The Eduqas English Literature specification offers the opportunity to approach texts through four distinct components.  These include examination papers based on the study of poetry and drama, as well as an unseen paper that gives the opportunity for students to draw in elements of specific contextual study.  There is also a fourth component which consists of an internally assessed coursework essay. The first two cohorts to undertake this specification received outstanding results.

For the Poetry and Drama components, Components 1 and 2, girls study a range of modern and Renaissance texts with the possibility of touching upon epic or medieval poetry.  The Component 3 paper requires students to display contextual understanding of prescribed periods of literary study.  In Section A of this component we are currently focussing on prose texts written in the period 1880-1910.  Section B asks pupils to analyse an unseen poem.  For the coursework essay undertaken in Component 4, students engage with the analysis of extended prose texts.  They will study one pre-2000 and one post-2000 text with an emphasis on independent study and analysis.  This is where pupils can really begin to pursue their own literary interests and develop independent reading.

The course is varied and exciting in the opportunities it offers to engage with a range of literature.  Students are expected to recognise critical perspectives as well as developing their own analytical voice.  This prepares them with the skills required for a broad range of courses in Higher Education.